måndag, april 20, 2009

What kind of garderner are you?

What kind of gardener are You?

I haven't got the time to garden right now..but I can't stop thinking about it...

The hobbygarderner

The kind who buys special gardenclothes..pants, gloves, apron, boots with flowers on...and the whole gear goes on when they are about to do some gardening..
Likes to grow things in pots and most of the work is done at a practical metaltop plantingtable...
Compost is bought in sac and they are the Garden centers best buyers of annuals...
The garden is perhaps a bit jumbled and most of it is often lawn...

The halfproffessional

Puts on some old work pants and heavy-duty boots and goes out in the garden "working their ass off" They have a goal...something to build or do...and they don't stop until it's done..
Their tools are kept in perfect trim..everything on it's own place..
Planting is wellplanned and they buy large quantities of plants..
In the garden the plants are lush...fertilized at the right time and
planted on the right spot with the right distance..
There is also often a well-managed pond...with fish in of course..

The Romantic garderner

Hovers her way in the garden..dressed in a long skirt and a long shirt...The garden is done and finsihed long ago..det most common utiluty is the secateurs..used to cut of overblossomed flowers which are put in a basket worn over the arm..
New plants are grown in a wooden greenhouse and are orderly taken care of..
In the garden plants are closely planted..the lawn is minimal and over it all lies a scent of roses which are climbing on beautyful wooden portals everywhere..

The Enthusiast

Constant dirt on clothes and under nails..feet are black from dirt leaking in to the Foppaslippers...
Gardening is a part of life...something you just can't keep your hands off...
there is always stuff to be done..small things..big things..
Plants are bought on impuls and seedlings become often
way to many so half of them dies from neglect..
The garden is a mix ao influences and looks a little messy from all
unfinished projects everywhere...

The practician

Prefers to work in an overall and rubber boots...cultivates in neat rows where it's easy to keep the weed away...The tools are old well tried out friends..
The garden has a well-kept gravelyard and a well mowed lawn..lots of fruit trees and currant bushes, a large vegetable patch that is mostly occupied by potatoes and a few small flowerbeds with Marigold and Calendula

Perhaps you are totally fifferent type of garderner...?
And what type am I?

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  1. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.... and a large bit of enthusiasm.....
    Hat himla gôtt